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2011 - Editing new scenes from BLIND/SIGHTED - an independent project exploring blindness, mobility and accessibility. Next up: a visit to the Colorado Center for the Blind in Littleton - a tour of the facility, visits with their remarkable faculty and students, and Ann Cunningham's art class.

Two days on the road with the MS Bike Tour last summer provided action footage of the Circle of Friends cycling team in action. Interviews are in the works to tell the compelling story of what motivates this team. Watch the clip below then visit their Web site.


Link to part of an interview with blind accessibility advocate Darrell Shandrow from Blind Side - a work-in-progress by 248 pencils

Blind Sighted
An independent video exploration of blindness, mobility and accessibility.

Watch the Circle of Friends team cover 150 miles in 150 seconds in their quest to end the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis

Circle of Friends
It's more than just a ride - it's a team of extraordinary people, helping to fight MS. Watch them cover "150 miles in 150 seconds"