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Working in Video

The first independent production from 248 pencils was the "making of" documentary for the filmmaking debut of writer/director Maggie Patton. Her short film, "Shooters. Get the Picture." was shot and produced in locations around Metropolitan Detroit. "Shooting Shooters" has the distinction of being longer than the film it portrays.

Clips on this page were produced between 2001-2007 - some are edited versions of longer videos produced for Gale—a reference information publisher serving primarily libraries. For more recent examples, choose the "latest stories" link below.

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video montage for 'Hollywood' by Dick Coulson

Detroit, Michigan
Video montage, cut to a track recorded in 1993 by Dick Coulson for his Jam Packed CD, was created as a background for live performance of "Hollywood" by Coulson's current band, The Pounders

preview scenes from Shooting Shooters

Shooting Shooters
Detroit, Michigan
A documentary to provide a glimpse into the people, ideas and production of a short, independent film, written and directed by first-time screenwriter, first-time director Maggie Patton. "Shooters" won the Audience Award at the 200t Planet Ant Film Festival in Hamtramck, MI.

Austin video sample

Austin, Texas
Two librarians put their heads together to better serve their community

Lindbergh video sample

Long Beach, California
A revitalized school library serves a new generation of scholars

Ruffner video sample

Atlanta, Georgia
Economist, author and game-show host Ben Stein makes an appearance at the American Library Association annual conference

Ruffner video sample

Detroit, Michigan
Publishing pioneer Fred Ruffner discusses the origins of Gale Research (now Thomson Gale)